Tower Dental Arts provides three state-of-the-art dental facilities located in Bonita Springs, Naples and Fort Myers, Florida. We offer the very best in modern day cosmetic, restorative and preventative dental care for your entire family utilizing the latest technology, safest materials and procedures available.

Serving the Southwest Florida area for over 22 years, Dr. Rocha specializes in creating beautiful, impacting smiles with a gentle and caring touch for patients of all ages. From preventative dental cleanings to full mouth reconstruction, your care, restored functionality and confidence in your smile is our number one priority!

Same day dental emergencies and new patients are always welcome! Ask us about our flexible financing programs when you contact us today for your initial appointment.

We will use the latest and best techniques and materials to help you achieve your perfect smile

Dr. Sonia Rocha

Basics of Dental Implant Surgery

Many of us would love to do something about our smile but don’t really know the relative merits of our different options. Whether you have a few teeth you want replaced or you need an entire mouthful of teeth, dental implant surgery is growing in popularity and...

Common Myths About Orthodontics

Did you know that there are many myths in the world of orthodontics. Unfortunately, there are many things people think are true in this field of dentistry, which are actually not true. Throughout the years, orthodontic work has advanced tremendously, and the works...

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  Whether we like it or not, our teeth are on full display for other people to see. When we laugh, talk, smile, our teeth are exposed…front and center. When a person is missing a tooth or multiple teeth, life can become increasingly difficult for a number of...

Flossing with Braces

  Most people will agree that flossing can be a pain. Brushing one’s teeth or swishing mouthwash in your mouth is a lot easier than threading floss between each and every tooth! As you probably know, flossing is extremely important for proper gum and tooth...

Our Services Include:

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Emergency Care
Gum Disease Treatment
Restorative Dentistry
Root Canal Therapy
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Tooth Extraction
Oral Surgery Dentist

What to expect during the Visit?

For most people, two checkups per year are sufficient. But if you have special problems or if you’re at high risk for conditions such as periodontal disease, your dentist may recommend that you come in as frequently as every three months.
A routine visit will include a professional cleaning, an exam, and possibly X-rays. Your dentist should also discuss your health history, asking about your past dental problems, allergies, medication use, drug reactions, recent illnesses, and chronic diseases.

Bonita Springs
27400 Riverview Center Blvd.
Bonita Springs, FL. 34134
Phone Number:(239) 495-7400
Fax: (239) 495-2656

11121 Health Park Blvd.
Naples, FL. 34110
Phone Number: (239) 566 – 9700

Fort Myers
18070 S. Tamiami Trail Unit 14
Fort Myers, FL 33908
Phone Number: 239-288-7275