You know your smile better than anyone else. Because of that, you probably notice every little imperfection that your teeth have. There is a way to fix little chips or gaps in your mouth without getting caps, crowns, or veneers. Ever heard of dental bonding?

With a dental bonding treatment, you can restore a tooth. If you’re tooth is chipped tooth, uneven teeth, or even discolored, a dental bond can improve the appearance of your teeth with composite resin materials. Resin is made from a malleable type of plastic; this plastic hardens under a specialized UV light. To prepare for this procedure, the tooth is etched, just a tiny bit, to make the surface rougher; the tooth is then brushed with a conditioning liquid to help the bonding process. The resin is molded by the dentist onto your tooth to make exact shape it needs to be. After he or she creates the desired shape,  he or she will use a dental drill to better shape and polish the new addition to the tooth.

This type of dental care is one of the least expensive ways to improve your smile; this is a fast treatment taking only a few minutes on each tooth. Unlike veneers or crowns, you do not need to send off materials to a laboratory. It only takes a single dental visit to do a dental bond.

With a dental bonding, the dentist will choose the right color composite resin (with your help) to match the rest of your teeth, so that it will blend.

Just like a real tooth, the cosmetic bond is affecting by cigarettes, coffee, tea, and other foods and liquids known to stain teeth.

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable fix to your smile, consider cosmetic dental bonding over a crown or veneers. This is a great way to boost confidence and smile freely again. If you live in the Southwest Florida area, contact Tower Dental Arts, who has offices in Naples, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. Dr. Sonia Rocha and Dr. Max Zand offer cosmetic density services, including dental bonding. To book an appointment, click here or call 239-495-7400 (Bonita Springs), 239-566-9700 (Naples), 239-288-7275 for Fort Myers.

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