Many of us would love to do something about our smile but don’t really know the relative merits of our different options. Whether you have a few teeth you want replaced or you need an entire mouthful of teeth, dental implant surgery is growing in popularity and is an effective and affordable way to get that smile you always wanted.

Most often, dental implant surgery takes place in stages. Teeth that are damaged or in need of replacement are removed and the jawbone is “prepared” for surgery. This could mean bone grafting. After a bit of healing time, you will then have a metal dental plate implanted into your jaw bone.

It may require several months to heal from this insertion, but once it has healed the surgeon can place the abutment on the plate, which is where the artificial teeth will be attached.

It should be noted that the posts we described earlier are intended to take the place of the tooth root that was removed. This means that the implant will be drilled deeply into the bone to give it the same type of stabilization as a real tooth with a health root.

The entire process does take a few months, but most of that is time spent healing in between procedures. If you are uncomfortable with having gaps in your smile, you can get a partial to use for aesthetics until the process is complete.

Some people, due to loss of bone, may require a longer overall process as a bone graft may be required and then there is a waiting period while new bone grows.

Once all the preparation and healing have taken place, you will then get artificial teeth attached to the abutments and plate. There are two different types of artificial teeth and you can choose either one of these or even a combination of both.

There are fixed and removable artificial teeth for implants. As the names imply, one can be removed, more akin to traditional denture. Removable implants can easily be removed and cleaned when needed. Fixed the artificial teeth are permanently screwed or even cemented onto the abutment. In fixed implants, most often each tooth is individually attached to the plate.

Either way you go, this is a great alternative to dentures that have the look, feel, and functionality of real teeth. They are strong and durable.

Dental implants are a great way to get the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of, or an alternative to a pair of removable dentures. Getting dental implant surgery is a process of different procedures designed to prepare your jaw for the implantation of a metal dental plate that artificial teeth are then attached to.

Ready to get started on getting the perfect smile? If you live in the Southwest Florida area, book a consult with Dr. Sonia Rocha of Tower Dental Arts for a dental implant. She will be able to evaluate your mouth and let you know the best plan. Her dental practice Tower Dental Arts, is in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers. To contact the office or book an appointment, click here.

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