That’s right!  Dr. Sonia Rocha, Southwest Florida’s cosmetic dentist of choice, will use the latest and best techniques and materials to help you achieve that perfect smile – one that will keep you and others around you smiling!


Not certain just how you might look with your teeth enhanced by cosmetic dentistry?  No worries!  Digital imaging software applied by Dr. Rocha will show you how you will look after a cosmetic procedure or treatment is completed!  For those who might be concerned a treatment would make a drastic change, or could not anticipate the change any given treatment could make can be shown in advance what his or her appearance might look like.  The digital pictures taken after a treatment or procedure on your teeth will also provide a digital permanent record!

Common Myths About Orthodontics

Did you know that there are many myths in the world of orthodontics. Unfortunately, there are many things people think are true in this field of dentistry, which are actually not true. Throughout the years, orthodontic work has advanced tremendously, and the works...

Flossing with Braces

  Most people will agree that flossing can be a pain. Brushing one’s teeth or swishing mouthwash in your mouth is a lot easier than threading floss between each and every tooth! As you probably know, flossing is extremely important for proper gum and tooth...

Zoom Whitening Procedure

Our teeth are one of the first traits people notice about us. When we talk and smile, our teeth our exposed. However, years of wear and tear can make our teeth not-so bright anymore. They become dull and can turn yellow. For many, this fading color and discoloration...

The Benefits of Invisalign

Crooked teeth are embarrassing for many. These misaligned teeth keep people from smiling and living to their full potential. To correct this issue, the answer usually is braces. However, as an individual gets older, he or she might cringe at the thought of being a...

All About Dental Bonding

You know your smile better than anyone else. Because of that, you probably notice every little imperfection that your teeth have. There is a way to fix little chips or gaps in your mouth without getting caps, crowns, or veneers. Ever heard of dental bonding? With a...


Some cosmetic dentistry techniques such as capping teeth, can actually give teeth the appearance of being straight.   For sure, we just don’t want our teeth to be chipped, stained, or have other glaring shaping flaws!  How about looking as young as possible?!  There...


What a difference teeth whitening can make in your smile!  This very popular procedure has made every age bracket from teens to seniors very happy – and able to look in a mirror and like the smile looking back at them!  Choose white and bright! Dr. Sonia Rocha can...


Much can be done to alter the appearance of a tooth or teeth that have been damaged from decay or chipping, fixing gaps between teeth, or even to reshape a tooth for a better alignment with other teeth. Veneers now often replace crowns as a fix for this kind of...


The gentle dentistry performed at Dr. Sonia Rocha’s practice will reassure you from start to finish.  When you have a cracked or decaying tooth and need a dental filling, you will find the needed treatment and materials skillfully applied by Dr. Sonia Rocha DDS.  You...


Dental crowns are used to restore a tooth to its original shape, to strengthen a tooth, or to improve the cosmetic appearance of a damaged tooth, such as one that is fractured.  Dental crowns can also be the solution for missing teeth, to cover a root canal treatment,...

Our Services Include:

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Emergency Care
Gum Disease Treatment
Restorative Dentistry
Root Canal Therapy
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Tooth Extraction
Oral Surgery Dentist

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