At Tower Dental Arts we strongly advocate working with aggressive preventive dentistry practices and excellent oral hygiene to save original teeth, but there are some specific circumstances which call for the extraction of teeth.  Dr. Sonia Rocha, Bonita Springs first choice for all your dental needs, is ready to help you with tooth extraction & oral surgery if it is the best solution to your problem with your tooth/teeth.  This decision is made between you and your dentist, with options discussed. Advanced periodontal disease is a leading cause of necessary tooth extraction, but there are other causes as well.

Tooth decay can also lead to tooth extraction if there is not enough of a good tooth to work with for a restoration, and the surrounding tissues are in poor shape as well.  You can also develop an infectious process that leads to an abscess and a great deal of pain.  Perhaps you may need to have a tooth extracted with orthodontia work, when there is no room for the tooth with the corrective orthodontia.  You can also have teeth that are simply malpositioned, and the removal of one or more can make room for a more aesthetic natural denture or implant.  You can also experience the fracture of a tooth or the root, or have impacted teeth.

As with any surgical procedure, some precautions apply, such as consulting with your primary care doctor for any considerations needed with office surgery.  Sometimes this procedure has to be deferred until an infectious process can be treated prior to the surgery.

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